Online Activity Plan

Kreta the Time Traveler
“Consume Less or the World Will be Consumed”
– Online Activity Plan

“Consume Less or the World Will be Consumed” Shopping Principles Card.

Purpose of the activity:
To take a step to question and change our consumption and shopping habits.
Duration: 35 minutes.

The number of participants: Up to two classes.

Materials required for the activity:

¥ Shopping Principles Card: The design of this card, which children can process, was prepared by Sıfırdan Publishing House and will be shared with our children and schools via e-mail. (If the books are obtained from the publisher, the printed versions of these cards will be added to the book packages.)
¥ Crayon
¥ Pencil

Activity Content:

Kreta the Time Traveler is a project which is designed as a book, video, and barter market events. Due to the pandemic conditions, a different event plan has been made to be implemented in online meetings.

1st Step: The following questions are answered by children reading the book:
¥ What kind of trouble did Kreta the Time Traveler and their friend Shiva encounter when they found the Earth?
¥ How will they solve this problem?
¥ How can we help them?

2nd Step: “Shall we watch the video message coming from the future again?” The video in the book is watched.

3rd Step: “The products we consume leaves a huge carbon footprint behind. Then we need to think and make decisions more carefully when we shop. Let’s set our shopping principles now!”

Time is given to children to consider about following questions and set their shopping principles:
1- Do I need this?
2- Do I have a similar product already?
3- Can I find a second-hand of this product?
4- For how long I will be able to use this product?
5- From which material was it produced? Are the materials harmful to me and the health of the planet?
6- What can I do with this product after I use it? Is it recyclable?

4th Step: Children are asked to write their shopping principles on the “Shopping Principles Card” and paint it.

5th Step: Children show each other their cards, and the activity ends with the author’s closing speech.

At the end of the activity, children are asked to hang their cards on a most used place in their houses and share its photo. Shared photos will be published on