Barter Markets

One of the stages of the Kreta the Time Traveler Project, which was designed to question people’s consumer habits, is barter markets. In this stage, designed as school and bookshop events, the project aims to enable children to encounter the concepts of second-hand goods, bartering, and sharing, and experience them in real life.

The events are organized by the author and the publisher, in cooperation with schools, bookshops, and families.

Activities are held with children who have read the book and watched the video. At the events that the author attends, the video is watched again with the author. Then, a conversation where children discuss the concepts of bartering, second hand goods, and sharing is held, and immediately afterwards, barter market stands are set up with the children.

Children are expected to bring three items to the barter market. These items should be used and in good condition, or unused but not purchased recently. After they have made their contributions, the children wander around and pick up the items they need. They should take the same number of items as they bring. It is expected that when two or more children want to acquire the same item, the adults present will not intervene, and the children will be given time to resolve the problem themselves.

We recommend organizing a conversation or writing activity for children to share their feelings after the swap. The resulting writings, speeches and videos will be archived as feedback on our website.

The activity was practiced with a small group of children, and their experience was shared on our website. To read about it, please click here.

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