Selin Saygılı

Selin Saygılı was born in Ankara in 1986. She studied as a full scholarship student at the Department of Visual Communication at Doğuş University and finished her degree in second place.

During her studies, she worked in the fields of photography, illustration, graphic design, stop motion and theater.

She worked as assistant director and graphic designer of the documentary Shakespeare in Turkey supported by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2012.

She spent half of the year 2013 abroad, receiving language education and visiting cities of cultural importance across Europe. The same year, she worked in the field of advertising, and she continued producing paintings described as “works that use geometric shapes with an abstract and she continued producing expressionist paintings created with geometric shapes, using numbers and letters to adopt a humorous understanding.”

In 2014, she developed the concept design for Sıfırdan Publishing House and joined the publishing house’s founders in the role of illustrator. She has designed and illustrated many other books and book covers for various publishing houses, including Sıfırdan Publishing House.

She moved back to Ankara and founded Tosca Art & Design with Zerrin Saygılı in 2015, and she has been continuing to imagine, design and practice ever since.