Kreta the Time Traveler “Consume Less or the World Will be Consumed”

Gülşah Özdemir Koryürek

Selin Saygılı / Tosca Art Design

Video Design
Onur Demirsoy / Animative Animation Studios


Science Fiction

Understanding the results of people’s consumer habits and offering solutions.

Sustainability, climate crisis, how the world works, sharing the planet, time and space we live in, curiosity, problem solving, consumer habits, scientific and technological development…

Subject of the Book
Young time traveler Kreta and their close friend Shiva are teleported from adventure to adventure in the depths of space. Every incident they go through turns into an experience that later helps Kreta choose their profession. Kreta and Shiva come face to face with the Voyager Space Ship while they are looking for an adventure in outer space. And here is the adventure, on a planet called Earth, and with odd creatures called humans!

Kreta and Shiva travel to the planet Earth to meet humans, but they encounter strange creatures that are not human-like at all: dinosaurs! Yes, they find the Earth, but they are at the wrong time to meet people. When they try their luck once again, this time, they encounter the strange world of the 2070s. The scenery they see there is not at all heartwarming. A world with little oxygen and water, dark, warm and not very habitable, awaits them.

They finally find a human being among the robots and other awkward creatures in the world of the 2070s, but in the light of the information they learn from this human, a brand new adventure and even a mission emerge. This task is to go to the 2010s, the last date when the problems of the 2070s could have been prevented, and convey a video message to the people there in order to correct the situation. Again, a challenging journey begins, but this time, cats and kids will be accompanying them to help save the planet with hope, love and joy!

The adventurous Earth journey of Kreta and Shiva progresses in a fictional reality that emerges with the narration of scientific data about the climate crisis and ends with proposals for solutions. The book’s pedagogical structure and the scientific data on which it is based were established with the support of experts in these fields. The reading of scientific data was done by the engineer members of the Sustainability Steps Association. The reading in the pedagogical context was carried out by PCG Teachers Ms. Canan Çağdavul and Mr. Ramazan Özkan.

Sıfırdan Publishing House

Gülşah Özdemir Koryürek

Selin Saygılı / Tosca Art Design