About Project

About the Project

Kreta the Time Traveler “Consume Less or the World Will be Consumed”
(Book, Video and Barter Market Events)

The main ideas of the project are to focus on the causes of the global climate crisis, question the concept of “consumption”, which is one of the main reasons for it, and to be a trigger to change our consumption habits.

The project’s target group is children in the 8-10 age group and, indirectly, their families.

The project has three pillars: a science fiction children’s book named Kreta the Time Traveler, an animated video with scientific information about our consumption habits, which is presented as coming from the 2070s, and barter market activities that we propose as a solution to the consumption crisis.

The project will explain the relationship between the global climate crisis and our consumption habits to the target audience. Thus, it is expected that children will understand this connection, discover ways to reduce consumption through barter festivals, and put them into practice.

Today’s children have learned to have everything brand new and as a personal possession. One of the main goals of this project is to break this habit by explaining that things can be exchanged, second-hand items can also be used, and some items can be used jointly.

We believe that most of the children who attend the barter market activities and creative reading workshops will discuss the concept of consumption and change their consumer habits.